2020 Year In Review - A Focus on Freedom

2020 Year In Review - A Focus on Freedom

Congratulations to a successful year! It was filled with the unexpected, but I managed to make the most of it. I did not allow ANYTHING (not even a pandemic) to stop me from going after my dreams and passions. I took a leap of faith this year, and when I did the stars aligned and graciously met me with everything I needed and more. Some people may call it luck, but I call it listening to Divine Guidance.

The end of the year is always a great time to review your accomplishments. Most of the time I am so focused on my goals and my future that I forget to take a moment to look back at how far I have come. 

For me, 2020 was a blessing, and I did my very best to find all of my silver linings. At the beginning of January, I gave myself a word of the year. That word for me was...FREEDOM! Freedom was my goal. To be free from my day to day monotony, my 9-5 job, to be free of rules, time constraints, and most importantly stress which was starting to take a toll on my physical health. I wrote the word freedom everyday. I meditated on it. I even made it my password on my work computer so whenever I logged in I hade to type it. I was dedicated to becoming free.  

I started by meeting with a financial advisor to figure out what needed to happen financially for me to go part time with my employer. We planned for several months, and when I was ready, I finally requested to become a part time employee. Well....I was denied as I was too valuable of an asset to my team (this was meant as a compliment btw). Long story short, after a few months, a pandemic, and another valuable asset to our team leaving, I was granted my request. BUT there was a stipulation. I had to leave the company all together in September so that the department could afford to hire two new full time employees. This would allow them to get through the toughest time of the year with me on board, and allow me to transition out as things got quieter. 

Come August, I had a well paying consulting position lined up to supplement my business and I was ready to go! My partner and I were working on next steps and had been wanting to move in together. Since we both owned property, we decided selling my house was our best option. My house was on the market for two days, and sold for wayyyy over asking price. Needless to say, I no longer needed that consulting job, and decided to jump in with both feet, work for myself, and build Contribution Clothing full time!

With my job and house gone...soon followed my stress, and come October I had started a COMPLETELY new life. I had the freedom I had worked for, and still had two months to spare. In addition to gaining my freedom, I was recognized for my small business, and selected as one of the BusinessWest 2020, 40 Under 40 which had been a goal I set for myself in my early 20s. I also wrote and self-published my very own children's book, "How Owls Become Wise" which focuses on bullying and self-correction. 

With all of this said, I set goals for myself this year. With a little spiritual guidance and faith, I smashed every single one of them! For the first time in a long time I have no stress, I am beyond happy, and most importantly I am FREE! I feel so blessed and filled with gratitude for all the challenges and growth this year has brought me. I encourage you all to sit down and write your own year in review, and to focus on the silver linings.

What's my word for next year you might be thinking?!
2021 for me is going to be all about GROWTH!

With Love & Gratitude,

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