Do it for YOU

Do it for YOU

There is always going to be someone out there who you will be too much for. People that get frustrated when they see you doing well. People who don't believe in the ideas and goals you have until you reach them. There will always be people who just straight up don't like you....even if you are the kindest soul in the world. 

People get stuck in their ego. They look at themselves, and look at you and feel envy when they see you doing "better" than them, or even just surviving. There are people out there that are waiting for you to fail. There may even be people out there that are rooting for your to fail. We will call these people the Nay Sayers.

There are also people out there who care so much about what the Nay Sayers think that they don't follow their dreams. They don't take chances because they are so worried about what others will think. They stay stagnant in life for the simple fact that they can't overcome the fear of failing, and the fear that these Nay Sayers will be right. 

F*ck the Nay Sayers. Don't let the opinions of others hinder your growth, keep you from becoming a better version of yourself, or simply from being happy. TAKE RISKS!!! Apply for that job you always wanted, but people told you you'd never get. Start that business you have always wanted to start. Take those college courses you have always wanted to take! Whatever it is that you have been wanting or waiting to do, DO IT! This is YOUR life, and the most important thing you could even do is take steps to make YOURSELF happy. YOU come first. It doesn't matter if you are a parent, or a can't fill someone else cup if you are half empty. Take the time you need today to take the first step toward creating a better you. I CHALLENGE YOU to do this FOR YOU!

What are you grateful for today? Is it one thing? Is it a hundred things? Write it down. Now read it to yourself three times. Are you feeling better yet? 

Now think about it...what is one thing you have always wanted to do? Write it down. Brainstorm how you can make it happen. Did you see what you just did there? You just took your first step toward making a dream a reality. Now, read your list. What is your step two?! TAKE ACTION! MAKE IT HAPPEN! DO IT FOR YOU!

Have an amazing and blessed day!