Exciting GRATI News - We are Moving!

Exciting GRATI News - We are Moving!

Hi friends,

I have a pretty big/exciting (to me) announcement to make today. After a year of having the GRATI brick and mortar location, I have decided to move back online. I have been going back and forth on this for the past 6 months, and the truth is I don’t love having a storefront. Ecommerce is where I thrive, and with GRATI Consulting in full swing I am seeing the storefront as a daunting task rather than something that lights me up. So when it came time to sign the lease for another year, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Closing this chapter will provide me with the time and freedom that I need to pursue my other avenues in business. 

A part of me is sad since my storefront is where I have made some really amazing connections with both customers and other small business owners. However, I do still plan to collaborate and do a few pop up events here and there.

Please note that I still plan to host our Anniversary Celebration, the event really is for you, and a way for me to show appreciation to my customer base.

As I always say, being a small business owner is all about the pivot. Now that I have had the experience of my own storefront, I know it’s not for me. This decision is based on what will make me happiest going forward as I’m always on the pursuit of what lights me up. With that said, I’m excited to make the move back to an online only shop. 

As of now I am planning to have the official day of closing as Sunday, August 20th with a full online transition for September 1st. 

Thank you to all my loyal customer.
I truly appreciate you more than words can express!

With Love & GRATItude,

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