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Jumping Ship

Holy Shit! I did it! I am officially 100% self employed. I pulled the trigger and left the life of everyday monotony. Now what the f*ck do I do? The answer is easy...whatever the heck I want because I am MY OWN boss babe.

Well, maybe I should start with an introduction? After all, this is my first blog post. My name is Kelly Partridge, and I am the founder of Contribution Clothing, a mission driven online boutique with a focus on female empowerment and community support. The goal with my business is to give back to the community and help women feel confident and empowered.

With that said, I want to take a moment to welcome you to my new blog, Contribution Content. What can you expect here? Well, my two cents! This blog is going to be a space where I can connect with like minded women, share my thoughts on life, business, fashion, and topics that I feel should be talked about. My goal is to help my readers feel inspired. 

I'll start by sharing with you the story of how I got to where I am today. You can read My Why for the full back story, but once I started Contribution Clothing I literally hauled ass. I had figured out my true passion, and everything in me just had to make my small business my career. I worked full time for an entire year while starting my business as a side hustle. As a independent woman who owned her own house and fur baby I couldn't just jump ship...I had priorities! 

The days were long....REALLY long. I would work all day, and after work I would work all night, creating my website, photographing inventory, scheduling out social media posts, you name it! I was boots on the ground doing everything I could to get my name out there. I attended 3-4 networking events a week, and popped up my boutique anywhere and everywhere that would have me. Like I said...I literally hauled ass! Being a small online business, it was important for me to physically get out into the community and meet people. I didn't have the funds for online advertising, and being the face of my business I really wanted to build relationships and to really know my customers. Through doing this, I didn't just gain customers...I found my tribe!

The women I have connected with that have shown and continue to show their support for my business is overwhelming. People that I considered friends wouldn't even give my page a like, and here were total strangers stepping up to help me and support my dream. I was and still am BLOWN away. The saying is true....you want to know who your friends are? Start a business! My advise to you, distance yourself from the naysayers. Through all of this hard work, and with the support of my tribe, I was able to make the transition to working part time, and three months later here I am working for me, myself, and I full time! I officially jumped ship!

If you want something big or you want change, there is no was around it...you need to put in the work. I won't lie, it is going to be hard, and you will need to get over the fear of what people will think. Getting over the fear of starting it the first and sometimes the biggest step. Get out of your comfort zone. Just do it. Find your passion and follow it wherever it may take you. If I can...anyone can! I did it, and am the happiest I have ever been.

With Love & Gratitude,

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