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Making Lemonade

Sometimes life throws you lemons...a lot of them...all at once. Then you're standing there like what the fuck do I do with a shit ton of lemons?!? This is how I was feeling a few years back. I was in an abusive relationship, disliking my career, and who I was becoming as a person. I was comparing myself to other people and how “successful” they were in their own careers and personal relationships. I was feeling envious, and wondering why anything awesome wasn't happening to me?! Your typical...why me complaint. At this point in my life I had no passion, and the things I had passion for I wasn't “allowed” to do. I wondered how people could just know what they wanted in life, and why can't I figure it out...when would it be MY turn to have my shit together?

If this sounds familiar to you, just know that it is okay to feel this way, but for your own good...I recommend that you don't get stuck in this mindset. If the thought that things should be moving faster crosses your mind, just know that it is just your ego comparing your growth to someone else. Comparison is NOT your friend. Everyone's life unfolds differently, and although a lot of this is revealed in hindsight there is always a purpose for it. Trust your journey, stay in your lane, water your own garden, and know that your time to bloom will come sooner than you think. Rather than dwelling on your lousy childhood, the job you feel stuck in, or that shitty relationship that you spend too much time in, appreciate the courageousness and spirit it developed in you. Use your life experience to change the negativity of your past into a self-reliant present. Use your negative experiences as a motivator to move you to higher ground.

We all have a story, and along the way I have learned how important it is to not underestimate the power of sharing yours! It's by hearing someone elses journey that we feel less alone, and build connections with other people. I recently started sharing my personal experiences with domestic abuse, and how this negative part of my life transformed me. This hand full of lemons is what led me to my passion, and was the driving force behind me conceiving the idea of my company, Contribution Clothing LLC. For me, it was the feeling of helplessness that drove me to want to empower women, and it was the outfit I had on the day I left my relationship that gave me the confidence to leave. Those two things led me to the idea of Fashion Meets Philanthropy, my company slogan.

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People have been asking me lately if it is scary to share my experiences. The answer is absolutely! I am letting my guard down, and allowing myself to be vulnerable with a bunch of strangers. People that could judge me, disagree with me, or not believe what I have to say. At the same time, I have realized that I have nothing to prove to anyone. It is more important to me to possibly help someone by sharing my experience than to be judged. I have realized that in order for me to possibly help people...I might have to go first. I might need to be the person who shines a light on the path in order for the next person to step forward. If that has become part of my journey and purpose...I'm happy to do it!

With all of this said, my advice to you all is to embrace your struggles. You may not realize it now, but your struggles are molding you to become a better version of yourself. However, it is up to you on how you are being molded. Will you become bitter like the shit ton of lemons in your hand, or will you become the sweetest fucking lemonade that this world has ever had?!

With Love & Gratitude,

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