About the GRATI shop


Hey Friends!

I'm Kelly Partridge, the owner and founder of the GRATI shop!

the GRATI shop originated as Contribution Clothing LLC in June of 2019 after I left a domestically abusive relationship. My goal was to give back and help women in need, which is what led me into launching a mission driven boutique. The boutique focused solely on supporting female empowerment efforts to which we donated to quarterly.

As Contribution Clothing grew, so did my outlook on the business and our mission, which is what led me to reevaluate what I was looking to accomplish. During this time, I realized that doing good and giving back wasn't just a mission, but a way of life. This realization is what led me toward the decision of transitioning my business from a boutique to a lifestyle brand. It was time for me to rebrand, and to pivot!

the GRATI shop is all about doing good for others, and the fulfillment you feel when you give back. It's about giving. It's about appreciation. It's about passion. It's about being grateful for all that you have, and the experiences you lived to become the person you are today. It's about celebration of life, the lessons we learn, and the lessons we have yet to learn. It's about being grateful for the good and the bad. 

My personal experience with domestic abuse led me on this beautiful journey of creating the life I wanted for myself. Without it, I wouldn't be the woman I am today and I wouldn't be living a life of freedom and passion. Appreciate your journey. Mine led me from being a survivor to a thriver. 

With Love & GRATItude,

Kelly Partridge